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Montage depicting transfer form old media such as video and cine to digital formats such as MP4 or DVD


SAVE YOUR MEMORIES is our media transfer service.
Convert / transfer your old media, videos, cine films, slides and photographs to digital media / files.
Supplied as MP4 digital video files on USB sticks, DVDs, saved on hard drives, memory cards or in the cloud.

Re-purpose your media for current usage, enhance it, edit it and share it amongst family, friends and colleagues.

Our service is reliable, professional and friendly. We assess and look after your media during the transfer process.
Future proofing and encoding conversion of media for re-purposing.

Media Transfer Services

Media Transfer Services: Montage shows video tape, cine film and other video formats transferred to digital files


- transferred to high-quality digital video files (MP4), supplied on USB sticks, hard drives, via the cloud, online, on DVD.

Common formats: CINE FILM – 8mm, standard 8, super 8.

VIDEOS – VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, video and digital 8, mini DV, HDV, SD card, USB and hard drive camcorders.

Media Transfer Services: Slides and photographs converted to digital


- scanned to high quality digital image files / slide shows, supplied on USB sticks, hard drives, via the cloud, online, on DVD, hard copy / prints.

Scanned images can be enhanced, re-touched and edited (see below).
Media Transfer Services: Video editing screen


- your video files / images can be edited, compiled, stills, captions, titles and graphics can be added. Highlight edits can be produced from longer videos.

We can supply digital video files in many formats – if you are unsure which will work best for you, please give us a call and we can help you.

<Media Transfer Services: re touching, restoration, enhancement of old media photograph


- old photographs may have faded been creased or torn – in many cases we can re-touch these items, often bringing them back to as new quality
Similarly with video and cine footage, if needed we can make colour corrections, enhance audio levels / clarity, image brightness and contrast levels, image sharpness.

Why Transfer Your Media

Watch the video to see why people have their old media transferred / enhanced.

Watch the video to see a client testimonial.

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