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High Definition

High definition is here - we have all seen the adverts for the latest flat screen TV technology - HD ready, true HD! The latest Hollywood releases are on HD BluRay disc.720p, 1080i, 1080p - what is it all about?

We say it is bigger, brighter and better!

BIGGER - an HD image has approximately 4X the pixel resolution of (SD) standard definition - therefore it can be viewed at a larger resolution, giving a bigger picture for today's bigger screens.

BRIGHTER - the colour depth is greater too - thus giving beautiful, crisp and rich imagery.

BETTER - from our point of view it is better in that we can display larger images with clarity and impact - large screens in company reception areas, big screens at conferences for clearer communication to large audiences, brighter, crisper more colourful representation of your products / services within the images that we create.

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